ArThurs Panorama Diorama

The installation Panorama Diorama is based on the Victorian era portraiture of the same name. Large scale landscapes have been painted onto canvas, with accompanying props. Individuals and groups can choose their own paradise setting from the selection to be photographed with. The installation is housed in a gazebo and is currently touring events in Bristol and beyond. scroll down to see what happened at St Pauls Learning and Family Centre Winter Warmer, The Celebrating Age Festival, M Shed, a street party in Greenbank and St Pauls Picnic.

Scroll down to view yourself, friends family and the people of Bristol with penguins, garden gnomes, cake and other interesting things.

Abda and Jax Alice and a cow Alice back on the farm Andy

Angela brings children

Ant and B



practise for tropical beaches

Belinda flying

Bijou Nkumu

Carol and Felipe

Chris with bucket and spade

David John

Deb brought her own props



John Windsor

Krimo with bird

Laurie on cow

Lyndale and Alice

Lynn is determined to milk that cow




Fish and Stella


ArThurs Panorama Diorama was invited to the finale of the Celebrating Age Festival at the Colston Hall. a splendid time was had by all. a chatty Welshman

Sarah does bake delicious cakes

Janine hides the bristol City Council logo with a cat

Stella and Martin take penguins to Petra

Tracy with her family

Mrs Poon

Alice listens to stories of Wales and Bristol




Beverley and her neice

Jo before she takes her hat off

Ruth and friends

hatless Jo and Ruth try to the milk the …?

who’s idea was this anyway?



Fiona and Jennie with wild duck and gnome

important people

Little black dog makes friends with Dawn

Mai strums

my birthday?

Whilel and gnome

 Isobel likes everything

the bands drummer with apprentice

Ida with penguin

it’s a teapot and you’re holding it upsidedown!

ArThur’s Panorama Diorama visited M Shed – the museum showcasing life in Bristol. Like much of summer 2012 in England it was a very wet day, hence   M-Shed was very busy. The children were particularly interested in our collection of props

The end of the day, Ben organises the penguins, while Louisa imagines she’s having a nice cup of tea.

After the wettest summer for 100 years a few streets in Greenbank, in the east of Bristol held a street party on a sunny September afternoon. ArThur’s Panorama Diorama joined the residents, some of whom had their photographs taken when they weren’t painting their wheelie bins, throwing water bombs, partaking in silly races, eating ice cream, and generally having a good time.

 The vicar with one of her flock, and drinking more tea than is good for her


 the penguin is not impressed

ArThur’s Panorama Diorama visited The BIG St Pauls Picnic, another sunny day, a lovely mellow afternoon of music, puppets, cake and general happiness.


3 Responses to ArThurs Panorama Diorama

  1. Tracy says:

    What a fantastic collection of photo’s, loved them!

  2. Helen says:

    Me too ! Nice surprise.Great ones of you, Tracey and the crew, espesh Chris Waller… .Thankyou ! 🙂

  3. Andy but I'm not sure why I need yet another Wordpress ID says:

    OMG, that wretched tractor!!! Seriously though, a great selection of photos that brought a little lump to my throat as I reminisced about all the wonderful people I met through this group. Also a little ire raised about short-sighted “cost saving” measures that led to its demise.

    Lubs & xxx’s from Andy (the hairy bloke in one of the early pics).

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